Alfa Budaörs Korzo


2040 Budaörs, Építők útja 2.

The design of all our retail areas are based on our experience and detailed market research. Our goal is the ideal utilization of the floorspace for our tenants’ absolute satisfaction.We are aiming primarily for those commercial enterprises which would like to set up stores from 200 m² up to 1500 m². The interior and architectural design would work for any player of the trade and retail sector. Most commercial units are equipped with a delivery gate for serving businesses with high-trade logistics. We provide tailor-made service to our tenants for their greatest level of satisfaction.
A total of 1800 m² of net rentable area in buildings “A” and “B” and 9100 m² in building “D” are available.
The five-store office building is located on the left side of the main intersection when driving from M1-M7 Highway to Budaörs. The whole grand floor is dedicated to retail only.The floorplan design is based on 15 years’ experience spent in the market of this sector. Besides a modern style, 24-hour concierge service, elevator, state-of-the-art equipment, 4-pipe fan-coil air-conditioning, restaurant and cafeteria services and parking for tenants and their customers are all provided.

The unique opportunity to show your company’s image determines the future of your office. The interior will be finished, and technical and telecommunication hookups will be installed before our client moves in.
All of this gives us the edge in this market to fulfill almost every demand of our prospective partners.
Offices from 20 m² to 400 m² are available
Total area on four floors: 2100 m²
The Alfa Budaörs Center is located near the M1-M7 Highway exit, nearby neighbors like bauMax, Auchan, IKEA and Decathlon. Since most of the rental offices are located in Budapest, the close area could be a major advantage.

The development area is 27,270 m². Here we have two buildings (“AB” and “CD”) with a total area of 17,649 m² and an open-air parking lot big enough for 356 cars.

The Alfa Budaörs Korzo is accessible from four different entrances .
Gate #1 Main entrance from Budaörs Sport St.
Gate #2 (large parking lot) Media Market St.
Gate #3(office building) from Széles St.
Gate #4 (office building) from Komáromi St.
To optimize our surroundings, we gave separate functions to the two buildings. The “AB” building has been developed for stores and offices, the “CD” building is for commercial use only.

The Alfa Budaörs Korzo is easily accessible by BKV/ Budapest Public Transportation Inc.:
Bus #40 : Moricz Zsigmond Square - Alfa Budaörs Korzo ~ 26 minutes
Bus #272: Kosztolányi Square - Alfa Budaörs Korzo ~11 minutes
Budaörs has local bus routes with stops nearby. Bus #288 and Bus # 289

The Alfa Budaörs Center was built using the "strip mall concept," which has existed in America since 1920 and successfully operates around the world.


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