Alfa Group established its first business, Immo Contact Ltd., in November 1995, with the main objective of building maintenance and development.
Since then, that company has grown into a group of companies, and has more than 86,000 m² of commercial property for rent.
After a few professionally successful years we became the proud owner of a protected monument, built in neoclassical style, called Hotel Fiesta. As we stated in our philosophy, innovation plays a big role in the development and operation of the 11 buildings owned by Alfa Group.

Our primary goals are to give efficient but excellent service and to establish long-term relationships with our clients.
All of our employees have significant professional experience in his/her field. The assistance of qualified consultants provides you quick and complete information about the real estate we offer for rent.

Offices for rent directly from the owner!


Alfa Group is currently interested in three properties in Slovakia:

P1 is one of the properties where stores, shops and offices are located. The largest tenant is DPD, a leading mail-order service. The Slovak headquarters of this company are located here. This all-new development gives greater convenience to Alfa tenants and has made the expansion of services possible. P1 is located in the eastern part of Bratislava near the airport and the Avion Shopping Center.

P1, P13, a similar development nearby. Reconstruction is currently underway. It will soon be open as a shopping center.

The third development is in a city in central Slovakia called Prievidza. This is a shopping mall named Korzo with a variety of shops and services, including a large-scale 3-D movie theater. The development of the area is still underway. Korzo has opened in December 2010.



Under construction


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